We have procured a source for rental golf carts. They will be $200 for the week. We will be limited to the number of carts available to rent. The most that they can guarantee us is 20 carts , due to the high summer demand. The carts are 4 passenger carts with a roof. To rent one contact us. We will need full payment in advance to guarantee you a cart. They will be allotted on a first come first served basis.
      We ask that only people that really need them rent one. Our grounds are rather large and getting around can be a problem for some. So we are going to have a shuttle that will be running for  most of the day during the run of the event. It will travel around the grounds on  a regular route and will pass fairly close to all the camping areas. So you will be able to reach all the areas of the event without walking long distances. 
     Send us an email to with your request for a cart.  Include your name, address, phone number.  You can mail a check for $200 to Vans on the run , P.O. box. 247614     Columbus, Ohio 43224  or PayPal the amount to us with all the pertinent info. We will send you a confirmation. Any questions call D.J. 

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