If you are interested in being a vendor at the 45th Nationals. We welcome your participation. The National Truck-in is the National event for vans only. It has drawn over 600 vans the last 2 times it was in Ohio. We anticipate the same level of attendance this year.
    We open the gates to vendors on Monday July 10th. You have to opportunity to vend for the entire week. food vendors please be aware that we have a dinner supplied by the host on Thursday. We feed the masses as part of the event.
    The Choice of vendor space is on a first come first served basis. In the interest of variety we only will take 2 of any one type of vendor. food vendors will be based on the kind of food you carry. For details and space availability, please contact Rhonda Boyd at 740-653-0264. or email us at


  1. Hi there. I was wondering about vendor location on the site map. You told me i'd be against a building facing out ( as there were no STRUCTURES that i could be under ). And that's cool......i'd just like to know ( on the site map) where that building is and its orientation , so i can prepare my setting ahead of time. I always try to make a great presentation for the Nationals, and knowing my surroundings will assist in making a great presentation WORTHY of the nationals.....PLEASE let me cell is 410-960-9521 ANY TIME !

  2. Are the vendors able to get in early or the same as everyone else?