Tuesday, July 4, 2017

 We are ready. The 45th Van Nationals is a week away. There are a few details to be tied up but the whole thing is gona happen regardless. A few things to remember. You can't get into the grounds till 9am monday the 10th of July. There is a camping fee for those early arrivals for Monday and Tuesday. The Nationals doesn't officially start till 10am Wednesday the 12th
         There is an area outside the gate to sit in line before the gates open, BUT there are no facilities. No water hookups, no electric not even a porta-john. They won't be delivered till Monday. Be aware of that.
   Also. we have had inquires about walk-ins. Coming in an RV. riding you motorcycles, pickup trucks, etc.  The Van Nationals is, and always has been, a Vans Only event. Meaning you must have a van to get in. You can drive it in, pull it in, push it in, trailer it in,have it towed in, but you need a van to get into the Van Nationals. If you bring an RV Pulling a van its ok. but not an RV by itself. A class C with a van nose is not considered a van.
    That said, we have a lot of activities lined up for your enjoyment. Several driving games, many adult games, kids activities, nightly entertainment, and more.  As promised we are posting the schedule of events so you won't miss anything.  Have a safe trip and truck em' easy.