Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special Dash Plaques for 2017

  Back in 1988 Vans On The Run Hosted the 16th Nationals, We did a "puzzle" dash plaque that year. There were plaques for activities associated with the Nationals that fit together around the Nationals dash plaque, like a puzzle.  It was a cool piece of memorabilia.
Well again this year there is another puzzle plaque. But this one is a little different. There are 3 van-ins in Ohio this year that have banded together to host what we are calling the Triple Crown of Vanning.  All 3 at the same site. All in a different month. 1 in June, One in July, and the 3rd in August.
We have produced a 4 piece plaque that forms the state of Ohio when completed. The forth piece we call the unity plaque will be sold at all 3 events
If you can't make it to all 3 events,and you would like a set of these ,there will be a limited number of complete sets available at all 3 events.

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