Thursday, April 20, 2017


     Time is flying by. As many of you know, Vans On The Run has hosted Spring Back,our annual event, eve each year since 1978. The first time we hosted the National Truck-in,in 1988 we didn't hold Spring Back that year chosing to concentrate on the Nats . we found that our attendance fell of the following year by a substantial amount by missing a year. so when we hosted the Nats in 2011 we Held both events that year. and our numbers actually went up for Spring Back. We have decided to hold both events again this year. If you have ever hosted an event you can understand what it is like to host 2 events in a season. much less one being a National Truck-in.
  I have to hand it to our members for taking on a task like this again after only 6 years. They have done a fine job so far. Spring Back is ahead of schedule. We are nearly ready to open the gates and the event doesn't start for 3 weeks yet.
    Then our full attention turns to finishing up plans for the Nationals. The trophies are almost finished.  They are a 3D sculpted plaque.
       The bands are all signed up. We have a great line up of entertainment for you. It kicks of Thursday evening with McGuffy Lane.  We have 2 bands each night, on 2 separate stages so the entertainment never stops.  Then the finale will be the return of the Soul Men-Blues Brothers band that played for us in 2011.
   Pre-entries are coming in at an ever increasing pace. and the trophy sponsorship is begining to fill up. if you or your club would like to sponsor a trophy, don't wait much longer.
   we also want your ads for the event bible. we need them by the end of may so we can get the bible together for the printer on time.

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