Tuesday, July 4, 2017

 We are ready. The 45th Van Nationals is a week away. There are a few details to be tied up but the whole thing is gona happen regardless. A few things to remember. You can't get into the grounds till 9am monday the 10th of July. There is a camping fee for those early arrivals for Monday and Tuesday. The Nationals doesn't officially start till 10am Wednesday the 12th
         There is an area outside the gate to sit in line before the gates open, BUT there are no facilities. No water hookups, no electric not even a porta-john. They won't be delivered till Monday. Be aware of that.
   Also. we have had inquires about walk-ins. Coming in an RV. riding you motorcycles, pickup trucks, etc.  The Van Nationals is, and always has been, a Vans Only event. Meaning you must have a van to get in. You can drive it in, pull it in, push it in, trailer it in,have it towed in, but you need a van to get into the Van Nationals. If you bring an RV Pulling a van its ok. but not an RV by itself. A class C with a van nose is not considered a van.
    That said, we have a lot of activities lined up for your enjoyment. Several driving games, many adult games, kids activities, nightly entertainment, and more.  As promised we are posting the schedule of events so you won't miss anything.  Have a safe trip and truck em' easy.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Soul men. Saturday night finale party band

The final pre-entry list is posted. The Bibles are at the printer. Things are coming together smoothly.
  We will be posting the schedule of events in the near future, for those of you that are interested. Stay tuned for more developments.

We are pleased to announce the return of the soul men band 
Audio and Video media for Blues Brothers Tribute Act The Soul Men
Blues Brothers Tribute Act The Soul Men

Audio and Video Media

Streaming Video Samples

Compilation Video

Half Time Show Indoor Football Arena

With a live band!

We do comercials too!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kick off band for Thursday night


McGuffey Lane (Then)

McGuffey Lane is a country rock band from central Ohio.  In 1972 founding members Steve George Reis (bass/ vocals) and Terry Efaw (steel guitar/ gut string guitar/ electric guitar) were a duo called "Scotch and Soda".  When they added Bobby Gene McNelley (vocalist/ guitarist) they renamed themselves McGuffey Lane after the street of Steve's Athens Ohio home.  As their popularity grew they added Dick Smith (drums/ vocals) and Stephen "Tebes" Douglass (keyboards/ harmonica/ vocals).  In 1977 McGuffey Lane started playing at Zachariah's Red Eye Saloon and soon became the house band.  At that point they added John Schwab (vocalist/ guitarist) who was opening for them as the sixth and final member of the original McGuffey Lane.

McGuffey Lane played at Zachariah's through 1980.  In August of 1980 they released their first self-titled album on Paradise Island Records selling 40,000 in the first three months.  The album reached #1 in Columbus during the fall of 1980 which gained the attention of Atlantic Records.  Atlantic released the album nationally on it's Atco Label with sales of 175,000.  During the early 1980's McGuffey Lane was a national act touring with Charlie Daniels, the Allman Brothers, The Judds and Marshall Tucker Band.  In 1981 they released their second album "Aqua Dreams" followed by their third album "Let the Hard Times Roll" released in 1982.  In early 1984 Tebes Douglass was killed in an automobile accident returning home from a show in Dayton.  They released their fourth and final album for Atlantic "Day by Day" and dedicated it to Tebes.  After the release of "Day by Day", Bobby Gene McNelley left the band to pursue a solo song writing career.

In 1985 McGuffey Lane went back to their Ohio roots playing clubs, concert halls, fairs and festivals.  In 1986 they released "A McGuffey Lane Christmas", a fundraiser for the Central Ohio Lung Association.  In 1990 McGuffey Lane disbanded after a tour through the state and a last night at the Newport Music Hall.  In 1993 they did a "one time show" at the Newport and in 1995 they released "Greatest Hits Live and More".  At that point McGuffey Lane regrouped featuring John Schwab, Terry Efaw and Casey McGowan from the 1980's line up.  They were joined by veteran Columbus area musicians including Molly Pauken (mandolin, acoustic guitar, vocals).  In 1998 they released "Call Me Lucky" .  It was during 1998 that current McGuffey Lane members joined the band.  Randy Huff (drums/ vocals) joined in the summer of 1998, Jerry Cummings (keyboards/ vocals) in October 1998 and Kevin Reed (harmonica/ vocals) at the end of 1998.

In 2001 McGuffey Lane organized the First  Annual Zachariah's Red Eye Saloon Reunion featuring themselves and other acts that performed during the Zach's days.  In 2002 they released all acoustic CD "Wood" which included popular concerts songs from the late 1970's but never previously released.  In 2003 the Zachariah's Red Eye Saloon Reunion moved to Promo West Pavilion and has been held there (now Express LIVE!) every year since.  Finally in 2006 after years of fighting with Atlantic over the rights to their first four albums recorded in the mid 1980's, Rhino Records released them in 2 albums sets.  The first self-titled album and "Aqua Dreams" in one set and "Let the Hard Times Roll" and "Day by Day" in the second set.

In 2010 McGuffey Lane released their 10th and latest CD "10" on Lick Records which was co-founded by John Schwab.  In 2011 "Bartender" from the "10" CD was released as a single.  It reached #50 on the national country charts (Music Row Magazine).  The 2016 Zachariah's Reunion was held Saturday January 30th to another sold out crowd.  McGuffey Lane's history mirrors one of the songs from their 2002 "Wood" album.  "I've been up and down and all around my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.  Don't you worry baby don't you worry about me.  Cause I've survived everything that comes and goes.  I still know which way that old north wind blows.  After all these years I'm "Runnin' Wild and Free".  McGuffey Lane is still going strong with the three original surviving members (Steve George Reis, Terry Efaw and John Schwab) in the band.  McGuffey Lane still performs 30+ concerts annually.  The Journey Continues and "It's A Good

  Our opening band for Thursday night is McGuffy Lane


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special Dash Plaques for 2017

  Back in 1988 Vans On The Run Hosted the 16th Nationals, We did a "puzzle" dash plaque that year. There were plaques for activities associated with the Nationals that fit together around the Nationals dash plaque, like a puzzle.  It was a cool piece of memorabilia.
Well again this year there is another puzzle plaque. But this one is a little different. There are 3 van-ins in Ohio this year that have banded together to host what we are calling the Triple Crown of Vanning.  All 3 at the same site. All in a different month. 1 in June, One in July, and the 3rd in August.
We have produced a 4 piece plaque that forms the state of Ohio when completed. The forth piece we call the unity plaque will be sold at all 3 events
If you can't make it to all 3 events,and you would like a set of these ,there will be a limited number of complete sets available at all 3 events.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


        This year is the 10th anniversary of the Flying Eagle Award. This award is awarded to the best overall van shown for the very first time at the National Truck-in. There have been many beautiful vans that have won this award. the chance to win this beautiful award has brought out some really nice vans.
Putting the finishing touches on this years Flying Eagle trophy.
Don't miss seeing all the vans this year. 2017 
is shaping up to be the best year for vanning in a long time. The show and shine is on Saturday, July 15.
beginning at 9am. It will be held in the parking area on the outside of the gates, and is open to the public. 
This has been a trend for some years now. It gives the people in the area a chance to see the vans and it is good P.R.  
This maroon dodge was the 2015 Flying Eagle award winner.
Flying Eagle award winner 2014
And who knows how many people will end up buying a van to join us in all the fun.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017


     Time is flying by. As many of you know, Vans On The Run has hosted Spring Back,our annual event, eve each year since 1978. The first time we hosted the National Truck-in,in 1988 we didn't hold Spring Back that year chosing to concentrate on the Nats . we found that our attendance fell of the following year by a substantial amount by missing a year. so when we hosted the Nats in 2011 we Held both events that year. and our numbers actually went up for Spring Back. We have decided to hold both events again this year. If you have ever hosted an event you can understand what it is like to host 2 events in a season. much less one being a National Truck-in.
  I have to hand it to our members for taking on a task like this again after only 6 years. They have done a fine job so far. Spring Back is ahead of schedule. We are nearly ready to open the gates and the event doesn't start for 3 weeks yet.
    Then our full attention turns to finishing up plans for the Nationals. The trophies are almost finished.  They are a 3D sculpted plaque.
       The bands are all signed up. We have a great line up of entertainment for you. It kicks of Thursday evening with McGuffy Lane.  We have 2 bands each night, on 2 separate stages so the entertainment never stops.  Then the finale will be the return of the Soul Men-Blues Brothers band that played for us in 2011.
   Pre-entries are coming in at an ever increasing pace. and the trophy sponsorship is begining to fill up. if you or your club would like to sponsor a trophy, don't wait much longer.
   we also want your ads for the event bible. we need them by the end of may so we can get the bible together for the printer on time.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Back from this years council meeting. The meeting was very productive. the Nationals is coming along smoothly. The dash plaques are in. The trophy s are nearing completion. we have all the bands signed up. We have some great entertainment lined up.
        If you wish to sponsor a trophy or two please check our listing for the ones still available. please don't wait till the last minute. We will be on hand at the Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, March 17th-20th. there will be a big display of vans at the show. come check it out if you can.
    Now is the time to pre-enter.  the Nationals is closer than you think!